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The path that leads a boy to standing in front of a bunch of insane feminists preaching about time machines

A response to Black Pill’s fine article about the “feminist time machine”:

Thanks for this great post Black Pill. I want to illustrate how a boy would progress to being faced with the feminist-time-machine accusation.

There are five steps which will lead a boy to standing in front of feminists who want to sell him on time machines

Step 1) Young boy spends his entire youth being LIED TO by women that dating success relies on him being selfless, good, honest, decent and pleasing to women. He spends his entire youth being lied to by women in society that his mating success is ONLY correlated to his decentness as a human being

Step 2) However, as time goes on, this boy starts witnessing women dating, falling in love with and pursuing abusive men, cheating men, assholes, jerks, criminals, alcoholics, and men with all sorts of flaws


Lying through omission:On how women show interest

The commonly implied notion in female advice is the following…

– If you’re a good person, you will automagically end up in a romantic dynamic with a woman, merely by being a good enough person

– If no woman is currently in a romantic dynamic with you, this is PROOF you are a defective man and NOT GOOD enough

Now, when I say this is implied, what I mean is that the language is written so as to lie through omission. Whenever a boy asks women why girls don’t show interest in him, or googles the question. He will run into feminist blogs who say something like “The ONLY reason girls don’t show you interest, is because you’re not PLEASING enough, are defective in some way, or don’t do enough for girls as a group!!”

The part being OMMITED is that on planet earth, human females PRE-require that the MALE show interest FIRST. It doesn’t matter how attracted a woman is to you, she will not admit interest UNTIL you have invested a certain amount of risk in her. ANY advice a boy might run into FAILS to mention this and is therefore LYING through omission.

The other IMPLIED LIE in all feminist writing and most dating advice by women (again achieved through manipulative languaging) is that you should expect hyper-expressive super-enthusiastic invitations and super-expressive and super-clear signs of interest from women. In fact it’s either outright said or at least implied that you DARING to flirt or make a move on a woman who has shown anything LESS than screaming “take me now” enthusiasm effectivelly would make you a DIRTY ROTTEN CREEP. This form of advice often uses language which IMPLIES that if you’re simply GOOD ENOUGH (not evil and disgusting) you should have a life full of women giving you these HUGE FLASHING NEON SIGNS OF “kiss me now” or “have sex with me now”… which never actually happens in the real life, where female mating plausible deniability reigns supreme.

These LIES by women are what will often lead a PERFECTLY NORMAL boy who has PLENTY of girls interested in him feeling like a complete unlovable loser, perhaps even in some cases leading to depression and suicide. Because again, the end conclusion of the IMPLIED assertions and feminine dating advice and feminist writings is “If women aren’t begging you for sex, you are a FLAWED and broken in some way dirty rotten creep”…

HE WAS NEVER TOLD that women on this planet ONLY show interest back after you show it first, risking rejection, ridicule and creep-shaming. (justin bieber excluded)


Step 3) So here is this boy who’s been told that ONLY character and personality matters in having a romantic live, yet he sees tons of men with OBJECTIVELY shitty characters and personalities dumping their 25th girlfriend. This causes cognitive dissonance. Here he is, he can’t get a a woman to “show him interest” to save his life (or at least he mistakenly believes girls are uninterested in him due to the implied lying explained above). And he is constantly working on becoming a more moral person, a better person, a harder working person, contributing more value to women’s lives. Yet he keeps witnessing men who are FAR worse in character dumping and pumping women left and right. He witnesses, what from his perspective seems like women being a lot more interested in a bunch of defective guys, and not in him (again, due to the omission-based-lie about how women show interest).


The big secret no woman dares speak of is that women as a group, only put character traits as perhaps the 4th or 5th on their list of criteria, despite lying that it’s the ONLY criteria. This is a bold-faced despicable lie. Women are just as shallow as men when it comes to the initial stages of mating… This is why a woman can spend an entire life claiming to be looking for honest, sincere, hard-working, pleasant men who don’t cheat, yet continually go from one cheating alcoholic to another. Those cheating alcoholics hit the first 4 criteria on the list, which women never speak of, they only list off their criteria starting from criterion number 5 downards… THIS IS LYING BY OMISSION.

This isn’t to say women date or prefer defective men. This is to say that a man’s character traits are a very distant criteria, despite women’s bold-faced (ommision-based) lies about it. This is why if a man of perfect character doesn’t make a move on a woman, but a more defective man does make a move, she will go with the more defective man. This is the big elephant nobody speaks of. Heck, a man of perfect character might ask a woman out, but she’d say no despite being interested, and go for the more defective man, she doesn’t even like so much SIMPLY because he was persistent and asked more than once, while the “good boy”, having been taught shameful lies, had quit on the first no.

The other elephant in the room that goes unspoken is women’s laziness in dating. They will not make a move, they will not express interest first, and they sure as heck won’t lean toward your head to initiate a kiss. And so here is this boy who has been LIED TO his entire life that all you need to do is “be good” and women will auto-magically become your girlfriends. Nobody told him that he’d have to battle female plausible deniability, and be sexually persistent and aggressive. All female-written and spoken advice is INHERENTLY dishonest because it IMPLIES that things “happen on their own”. It’s like you meet a woman, you’re a good man, and somehow it auto-magically becomes romantic if your CHARACTER is good enough.
The typical woman advice-giver DOES NOT DARE speak of the fact you have to MAKE A MOVE and get rejected a gazillion times by women to separate romantically interested women from women who are just being friendly/polite/using you for attention/unsure. No woman DARES tell you that the road to a woman ADMITTING romantic interest in you is paved with you getting rejected a ton of times until you get one that admits interest back. (please see dungone’s tiger analogy).


Step 4) So after many years of this boy witnessing that women’s words don’t match their deeds, he might actually have the audacity to (gasp) dare mention it in public. He might even dare point out that (gasp) he’s dateless doing what women told him to do. He’s spent his entire life working on the things women said are the ONLY criteria in whether you get romantic interest from women or not… and yet here he is “forever alone”, while men of far worse character are dumping their 25th girlfriend

Step 5) At this point, the now-man gets accused of being a bitter entitled asshole. HOW DARE YOU THINK you’re owed dates for merely existing! YOU ENTITLED PRICK! See the REASON you don’t get dates is because women can TELEPATHICALLY SENSE you’re entitled you fucking woman-hating scum!!!! It’s all this whining you’re performing that repels women! That’s it! THE FACT that you DARE state women’s words don’t match their deeds is the REASON they don’t want to date you, you fucking entitled asshole!!!

There’s just one problem with this claim. This man was dateless for many years before he finally realized he’s being lied to by women at large. If he’s here in 2013 FOR THE FIRST TIME asking why women lie, having FIRST realized that women lie their assess off in mating, and he FIRST realized it in 2013… how can it be the reason he was dateless in 2005, back in high school?

Did the girls in his class have a time-machine? Did they dislike him in 2005, because they knew that many years later he’d dare notice women lie their fucking assess off? Obviously this is impossible. The actual truth is that he was NOT DISLIKED by girls in 2005, nor is he disliked now in 2013. In fact, he’s probably liked more than the jerks he wonders about being datefull. The actual truth is that those girls were proactively HIDING their interest from him because of a very selfish-trait of the female gender called plausible deniability. This is something the female of our species does to make sure the man invests a lot, so she can fully test his intentions before she admits her interest back.

But this boy was never told this. He was never told the only way to find out if a girl is interested in you is to continually make moves on her until she finally caves in and ADMITS she likes you romantically too. The most you can expect are hints. In fact, he spent his youth BEING LIED TO that girls will automagically fall in his lap if he’s merely a good enough person and that mating “happens on its own”. He wasn’t told that women proactivelly lie, and will go out of their way to mislead you, perhaps saying no, despite being interested, to test and see if you like them enough to ask a second time.

WARNING MISINTERPRETATION CLARIFICATION: We are not claiming nor saying that a man should persist or continue hitting on a clearly uninterested woman. When a woman DOES display clear and obvious disinterest, she is DEFINETELY honest about it, and the man should stop immediately. However, this is exceptionally rare, think the woman who folds her arms, pouts her face and turns her body away from the man.

What we do mean however, is that a woman who IS romantically interested in you, will for example sometimes turn down a first kiss attempt. She will for example say no to asking her out, despite BEING FULLY interested in you romantically BEING FREE at that time.  Most often the woman does NOT do this consciously or for a MALICIOUS reason. She’s not maliciously strategizing like “Hmmm, I’ll turn him down for his first date offer to see if he asks a second time”.

She might just not “feel” “ready” for the kiss at the exact time you attempted it, or she might not feel confident going for dinner on the specific night you asked. THE CONCIOUS PART comes in second. SHE WILL however not clarify it. SHE WILL NOT actually explain and say “Oh thank you for asking me out, I am actually romantically interested in you TOO, and am only saying no on this offer, but I’d love if you asked a second time”. THIS IS where the concious deceit part begins. She will PURPOSEFULLY leave it vague, and engage in plausible deniability. The only way to find out the truth is risk rejection.

When you GIVE HER A ROMANTIC COMPLIMENT, and she brushes it off, it MIGHT be because she’s not interested in you as more than a friend, or it might be because she got fluttered and shy she didnt’ know how to respond. The point is SHE WILL NOT tell you. She will leave everything down to plausible deniability limbo.

SHE WILL NOT come to you the next day and say “You know, the reason I didn’t respond to the compliment the other day is because I am interested too and just afraid of getting hurt. I’m actually interested in you and waiting for you to kiss me”. SHE WILL NOT DO THIS. IN FACT, she will WAIT for you to plant that kiss, BUT SHE WILL NEVER state her intentions. And the only way for you to FIND OUT for sure is by risking rejection and risk being wrong.The actual truth is that women lie in mating for many different reasons, the major one being plausible deniability. This is something we at this blog support. WE fully support women’s right to plausible deniability and mating deceit as a way to maximize their benefits in mating. Women have every right to be selfish. But so do men. And this is why we’re here. We want to point out that either both men and women have a right to be selfish, or neither one does. It’s only fair