Marcotte farts at boys who ask girls out

Marcotte wrote a piece bashing boys who dare ask girls out of their league. In this piece she gives a “what seems like” quite reasonable sounding piece advice. She simply says “Oh you stupid boys, just flirt with a girl a little, and ask her out of flirting seemed to go well”.


Any discussion on “dating etiquette and gender” is AUTOMATICALLY DIS-GENUINE if it doesn’t mention these three facts of female mating arrogance:

1) Females of our species are lazy and passive, waiting for the man to take all the initiative and risk

2) Females of our species SPECIFICALLY and PURPOSEFULLY send mixed and plausibly deniable signals where it can’t be proven if she was interested, or was simply acting “friendly”. In fact being the arrogant risk-and-rejection diverters that our human females are – they specifically send both negative and positive signals EVEN WHEN they are interested. (so she can claim to not have been interested if it doesn’t work out

3) To top it off, a large percentage of females (majority) take it a step further with something called “playing hard to get” where they force the male to “prove itself” by battling through token resistance and false NOs and indifferent maybes

—–> Marcotte almost sounds like she’s giving common sense genuine advice, BUT <—–

So she says (what on the SURFACE) seems like sound advice… Hey just you know like flirt with a girl a little, assess the situation and if she’s interested, THEN ask her out.

ONE PROBLEM —> (I’ve asked feminists for 5 years to provide a list, none has obliged) —> there is no objective criteria upon which male can be 100% certain (or even much 50% certain) that a female is interested.

IN THE REAL WORLD – MALES ARE ALWAYS playing Russian roulette. ALWAYS.

Which is f$%ked up as it is. But to now BASH boys for playing the russian roulette THAT GIRLS force them into in the first place is whole new level of f$%ked up. Most boys WISH THEY DIDNT HAVE TO.

The most annoying part of the feminist frame is that it assumes BOYS are going around getting rejected ON PURPOSE “to annoy women” -> when in truth most of those boys are crying themselves to sleep over those rejections.

MOST boys WISH they could have a reasonable way of knowing which girls will say yes. MOST MEN do as well. If I could invent an app that you can point at a girl and it tells you with 90% certainty she’ll say yes or no to a move —> I’D BE A BILLIONAIRE.

—> Marcotte: “[he asks her out] knowing full well the answer will be no”

Here’s a question I’ve asked of feminists on this topic for 5 years and never got an answer to.


I have no issue with feminists trying to dictate dating rules. The issue I have is that its all vague “It’s harassment when you do it wrong, but you’re not allowed to know what wrong is, you should JUST KNOW TELEPATHICALLY”

AT WHICH point is it ok to make a move, and which point is it harassment? Where do you define it?

Is asking a girl out you believe you have a 50% chance with harassment? Does it begin below 70% odds? Or is anything less than 100% certainty she’ll say yes a form of harassment? BE SPECIFIC.

Feminists say shit like “making a move on a girl too soon” is harassment. This is even if its the first time the boy has ever made a single move on that girl. hey say he needs to have gotten “enough information” that it’ll be welcome.

I won’t even MENTION the fact about the huge percentage of women out there who are TURNED OFF by men that wait for clear signs. I won’t even have to mention the billions of women who ONLY date men that make moves without waiting for an super-duper obvious signal. MOST women like these refer to men who wait for a clear signal as “wimps” “creeps” and “spineless losers”.

(I’m not even going to tackle those women here to make the point which still stands even IF YOU DID only date by waiting for signals). Here is my point feminists – MAKE IT SPECIFIC. WHERE IS the point of “harassment”?

—from an article I wrote—

Specifically here are the facts:

For ANY PERSON to get together with another person (including forming a gay couple) you have to go through some steps such as

  • first fleeting touch
  • first decrease of physical distance
  • first more intimate eye-gazing
  • first more intimate touch
  • (or) first sexual innuendo
  • first asking the person for an intimate encounter

Feminists say that if you make a touch too soon, gaze at her too long (etc)… you are a evil, despicable proto-rapist… But you’re not allowed to know when “too soon” or how much eye-contact is “too much”. In other words, you’re supposed to “just know”.

But if you ask feminists how you are to know which woman prefers how and when and how much and under which conditions, they will shame you, ridicule you, mock you or tell you to buy blow up dolls. But they will REFUSE any CLEAR and SPECIFIC guidelines.

They will tell you that you are an evolutionary despicable crap worthy of evolutionary extinction, but they will refuse to DEFINE any CLEAR, SPECIFIC guidelines.

Why? Because they know no two women are the same. One woman expects you to make a move between 50 and 100 minutes of friendly interactions (and if you don’t she writes you off as a wimp forever). Another woman is offended if you make a move in less than 5000 minutes of being social with her.

—from an article I wrote—