Sexual Hysteria (avfm article) Comment Response

My only issues here are female laziness and vagueness.

We live in a screwed up society where the system says:

1) You as a boy have to be persistent, bold and courageous and make all the risky initiatives (because women/girls are still lazy as fuck and refuse to make any moves despite it being 2012)

2) You have to make these moves without the women letting you know they want to be made a move upon first (you’re expected to mind-read and risk rejection)

3) Different women like different things, and you’re not allowed to know what sort of move or approach a particular woman likes (more direct, less direct, more touch sooner, less touch etc)

4) But if you get it wrong and break the rule you didn’t even know existed we will punish you.

I WOULD ACTUALLY support a LAW that bans men from ever asking women out, touching women first, kissing women first or initiating sex.

Why? AT LEAST we would know and have it spelled out what we can’t and can do. The current VAGUENESS is what’s mind-blowingly misandric. Feminists refuse to set a CLEAR LIST of “here’s what you CAN do, and here’s what you can’t do”.

The current policies say:

“You can’t do what the woman/girls dislikes”

And how are you supposed to know what she likes? Ask? “Hey, how many seconds do I need to look into your eyes before I attempt a longer-than 3 seconds fleeting touch, and then how many seconds and times of friendly touches do you prefer before I attempt my first more intimate touch? And how many seconds should it last?”

Well asking is itself a form of making a move and IT can also be disliked by one woman and be deemed sexual harassment too :D

So I WOULD EVEN support an outright ban on men doing ANYTHING – at least it wouldn’t be this idiotic vagueness we have right now.