Most women have met a partner through grinding or butt pinching

While most women in the survey said they preferred a man introduce himself and start a conversation when they first meet, about 30% said “grinding” is an acceptable way to pick someone up.”Grinding” is exactly what it sounds like — a man introduces himself to a strange woman by coming up behind her on the dance floor and rubbing his pelvis against her.In case you think this is a bit exaggerated, 84% of the women in the survey say this is how they have personally experienced new men introducing themselves.And to think I wasted all that money on business cards.Just in case you think this is a man thing somehow coded in our leftover male monkey DNA, a little less than half the women surveyed said they, too, first introduced themselves to men at a bar by rubbing a man’s behind.Back in the day, I do recall once having my butt pinched by a woman on a dance floor, but the contact was brief and to the point, and over so fast it left me wondering if I had imagined it.

The Calgary Sun – Women rubbed the right way

Oh no, sexual harassment! Lol.