Amanda Marcotte: All Single Men Are Worse Than Hitler

This was written in response to a TheRealPeterman comment

She’s said that to me: “if you can’t get dates, you MUST suck as a human, no ifs ands or buts about it. No other alternative is possible

She’s basically saying that you are worse than hitler and most serial killers. I mean this is easily demonstrated by logic.

-> Some X can’t do Y because it has too much Z
—-> Then it logically follows that
-> Any X that can do Y has less Z than those who can’t do Y

This is basic logic 101 right? Well serial killers, mass-murderers, serial rapists and wall-street brokers who destroy millions of lives all have girlfriends.

For Amanda’s claim to be true, then you have to be more evil than hitler.

Notice, I’m not even disagreeing with her claim that all single men are worse than hitler. I’m just proving logically that this is what her statements amount to on a logical level.

-> If lack of goodness is what prevents bob from having a date
-> That all men who have dates are better human beings than all men who do not have dates.

This is just basic logic. I’ve just basically demonstrated that Amanda is making the following claim:

“All dateless men are worse than hitler”


If the above geeky explanation doesn’t suffice, let me say it another way. Amanda Marcotte is a big fucking bully preying on shy men. She is LITERALLY bullying shy people and harassing them and tormening them emotionally.

To say that someone is dateless due to lack of humanity is to imply that this person is worse than all people who have ever had a date (or at least regular dates). Note, hitler banged a lot, so did a lot of serial killers, so do most corrupt politicians and so do slimy criminals and pimps. People who build pyramid schemes and scam millions of people of their savings have dates. Nazi soldiers had love lifes and sex lives. So do most criminals, and so do most of the people on the Jerry Springer show. Most drug dealers and drug users have girlfriends.

And if YOU can’t get a date, it means you are less human than all of these groups of people… according to the vile-evil-idiotic-human-feces-known-as-feminist-shamers. Note, this isn’t a tactic used by Just Marcotte. I’ve seen it used by thousands of feminists. “You can’t get a date? THEN you must be a despicable human being !”

And that’s precisely what motivated me to write the previous post:

Why is it possible to have a good man dateless and have a serial killer who’s been in 30 relationships? How is this even POSSIBLE if GOODNESS was the reason one did or did not get dates? Obviously it can’t logically hold up.

Simple – women place the dating script higher up on the ladder than goodness. And I’m not saying it’s wrong or bad for them to do this. I just want it to be made clear.

A male volunteer that runs charities to feed children, but doesn’t ask women out will have less dates than a serial killer* who  hits on new women daily and asks them out. 

That sentence is TRUE and undeniably true. And that sentence should TELL YOU everything that’s fucked up about the traditional dating script.

*-> I’m obviously talking about a serial killer who hasn’t been caught yet. And I’m using these extreme examples to prove that “a man’s goodness” is not “the factor” why one has or doesn’t have dates. Obviously between two men of equal dating confidence, the one who is a more decent human being will get more dates. OBVIOUSLY… but the point is that the FIRST criteria, the FIRST barrier women employ is filtering for “ability to play the sexist dating script”. Goodness is NOT the first criteria, nor is THE criteria as despicable filth shamers like to imply.