…the pursuer is disposable…

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Is this ad sexist?

I originally saw this at Femdelusion.

Perhaps some find the ad sexist because the women are in bikini’s.  I live near the beach and women in bikini’s are just business as usual.  These women are wearing maybe a few inches less of fabric than perfectly respectable athletes in the Olympics.  The man is sans shirt.  Likely the advertisers did this to not offend censors rather than some social cometary on the double standard between male toplessness and female toplessness.  While we’re on that topic ladies, I’ll sign the petition to allow you to take off your shirt anywhere a man can if you sign the petition to end my obligation to sign up for  Selective Service.

What is it that makes this ad potentially offensive or potentially powerful?  To me it is the fact that the gender script has been flipped.  Many men might see this as a fantasy.  The man doesn’t have the pressure of being the one to pursue, he is the one to select.  He is smiling and continues to spray almost as if a wizard invoking an incantation.  The women have maddened, frenzied looks on their faces, he appears joyous.

I don’t think these women can be considered “objectified.”  They aren’t showing the passive, coy looks of Playboy Playmates.   It shows the disposability of the pursuer role. A few fall , this seems to show a relentless pursuit where they worry not of injury. It also shows athleticism and ferociousness but I don’t think anyone would label these women as “empowered.” Most of the women will not succeed–perhaps they get to try this event many more times or perhaps it is their one chance in life–we are left to speculate.

Now, here’s the parody ad…