….you’re just bitter because you can’t get laid…

Originally published at stonerwithaboner on March 13, 2013

hahahaha, well, I don’t know who throws that phrase around more, angry feminazi’s or hbd/game lovin’ manospherians….

there’s the so-called shaming language, but I think even more is going on…

First, it’s an assault on one’s masculinity-purportedly a Real Man ™ should be able to go out and get sex, and if he dares complain about it on the internet, especially his inability to not only get sex but a loving relationship, he is a subhuman Nice Guy ™ piece of shit. Why do bigots like Amanda Marcotte and David Futrelle pick on incel men when they could call out the rotten behavior of Hugo Schwyzer? It’s also obvious that disagreeable guys like Roosh have to pick on sexually unsuccessful men to feel somewhat successful themselves. Oh, he’s gotten pussy, he must be better than you because he has more “notches.” Any guy with a pocket full of cash can get himself a plane ticket to a sex tourist destination and bang a 100+ prostitutes. It really isn’t a huge accomplishment. Can he do something cool like pick up a guitar and start shredding? Could he hang on a mountainbike trail? I bet he’d fall off and start crying that he is lacking energy not because he is a beta mangina but because he has started the “ketonic” phase of his paleo diet. If those Eastern European women are half as great as he claims, don’t you think he woulda found “the one” by now? Don’t you think he would’ve found a cool, sexy lady to travel with if not marry? Aren’t you getting the impression that a bigger part of his “mission” than pursuing the pleasures of the flesh is putting down low status men?

Even more interesting is when you take a look at the mess that is modern feminism. If there is a unifying belief, it would be in women’s reproductive rights. That is birth control, the ability to get an abortion if pregnancy occurs and even visiting a fertility clinic or going to a sperm bank to conceive. Ironic that a core component of feminism is when or if a woman will have children, then that same feminist tries to dismiss a man’s feelings by saying he is “bitter because he can’t get laid.” Let’s unpack this a little more. Men’s only options for birth control are condoms or a vasectomy. A woman has many more, including abortion. If you get a woman pregnant and she decides to keep the baby, you’ll be paying until the kid is 18. If she decides to abort, well it doesn’t matter what your feeling are. Her body–her choice, you’ve been paying attention, right? And in some countries, if you aren’t sure the baby is yours, you are a criminal if you try to find out.

So, if a man is complaining about his inability to get dates, he might be complaining about being able to get to the first step of having a chance at fatherhood. If a man was romantically unsuccessful in his late teens and twenties, he might find in his thirties that he is getting some attention from women his age. However, if they are divorced and have had kids with other men he might feel these women aren’t his peers. He might feel that he would like to find a younger woman who has never been married and wants to have kids. Well, just look at the shaming that will bring you. You’ll be told to stay in your own league. You’ll be told that those women deserve a second chance even though you’ve never had a first chance. Maybe this is what Rollo Tomassi refers to as the feminine imperative. Funny how you see those condescending “man up” articles. Where are the “woman up” articles? Equality, equality motherfuckers! How come you are a misogynist, if as a never married man who doesn’t have children and refuses to qualify it with “not that I know of” like a male feminist extraordinaire, you refuse to “man up” and “marry a slut.” How come you are looked down upon if you cite the statistic that divorcee’s are bad marriage prospects?

Funny how a movement that claims to be about equality will dismiss many men’s concerns with condescending phrases like “teh patriarchy hurts menz too” and “what about teh menz.” It’s pretty clear to me that feminist’s and “men” like Roosh aren’t on my side.